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Dear Potential New Members

Together we have the amazing privilege of serving as your 2024 recruitment chairs! Our job consists of serving as a liaison between Panhellenic, our chapter, and most importantly, welcoming YOU into our doors as you search for your new home on Grounds! 

Recruitment can be an overwhelming process, but we want you to know that Chi Omega seeks to know you in the most authentic and genuine way possible. Each member of our chapter is individually unique, yet together our strengths and talents form an incredibly well-rounded, engaging, loving, and supportive sisterhood. Whether you are confident and eager to start a new chapter at UVA, or are feeling unsure, we hope you feel welcomed and supported as you search for a place to run home to. 

We can not wait to get to know each of you and help navigate you through the recruitment process! We have fallen in love with Chi O, and hope to show you how impactful it has been through our time here. We hope that through the recruitment process, you gain a genuine sense of what Chi O is all about. We look forward to meeting each and every single one of you so soon!

Stephanie and Megan 



Formal Recruitment at the University of Virginia is a rewarding and exciting experience. U.Va. participates in a deferred Recruitment program, with Formal Recruitment taking place in January just before the start of classes.

We are so excited for you to join the Panhellenic community here at the University of Virginia, and we look forward to meeting you at recruitment!

Although not required for consideration as a member of our chapter, Lambda Gamma does receive introductions to Potential New Members from Chi Omega alumnae each year. We prefer online official Chi Omega Recruitment Information Forms (RIFs), which can be filled out by visiting
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